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NeurOptimal® Benefits

  • NeurOptimal® takes neurofeedback brain training out of the office and into the home

  • NeurOptimal® is comfortable and non-invasive: Backed by 3+ million Session-hours

  • NeurOptimal® makes Brain Training technology accessible and affordable for virtually everyone

  • NeurOptimal® is a relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable Brain Training experience

  • NeurOptimal® is a universal human performance tool with the potential to help you achieve your goals

  • With just two scalp sensors, three ear sensors and one pair of earbuds, NeurOptimal® sets up in 60 seconds

  • Backed by over 3 million successful Sessions and thousands of happy clients, NeurOptimal® is an effective and popular Brain Training system

  • NeurOptimal® eclipses linear neurofeedback with the world’s first Dynamical Neurofeedback® Brain Training system: Fast, flexible and precise to best match the brain’s dynamic nature

  • Sync with yourself

  • Harmonize your brain

  • Get your Zen on

  • Optimize your thoughts, change your world

  • Train your brain to a better you

  • A more resilient you is a better you

  • A trained brain is an optimal brain

  • Brain Training, Mental Training, Personal Transformation

  • An optimal mindset is key to living a fulfilled life!

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