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    We Discover Our Little Homestead

    August 11

    I got a call

    From God, the Universe...

    "Move to Saskathewan"

    August 22

    Hugging a century old Cottonwood

    Knowing I found our new home
    We are delighted
    To share 
    This journey
    With you!

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    Sunrises and Sunsets - Every Day

    We arrive

    Our new home

    Welcomes us

    In colour

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    Discovering The Magic




    In Time

    The farm

    Is littered

    With miracles

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    Looking For Peeps to Join Us

    Happy New Year!


    Are you looking

    For Adventure

    Farming opportunities


    To build and design

    A labyrinth

    Sweat lodge

    Wood fire hot tub

    Retreat Learning Healing Centre

    With organic, biodynamic, regenerative farming

    As the 

    Focal point, conduit, thread, connector, healer

    Reach out

    If this is you

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    What if This Was an Invitation?

    What if this was not just a pandemic

    But an invitation

    An awakening


    What if this was an invitation…

    To wake up

    To connect

    To deepen into who we are

    And deepen into what matters


    What if this was not a crisis

    But a way for our Mother Earth

    To catch up

    To take a breath

    Of renewal

    As she breathes in fully 

    And exhales

    In restoration


    As we pull back


    And back off from tapping her out


    What if THAT was part of this story?


    What if this time was an invitation

    To take notice 

    Of how we show up


    For her

    For others

    For ourselves


    What if this was an invitation

    To go deeper


    To deepen into our greater purpose

    To deepen into connecting with our beloved partners

    To deepen into connecting with our children

    To deepen into being connected with the foods we eat

    To deepen into connecting with a greater purpose

    To deepen into Nature’s wisdom…and follow its lead.

    To deepen into being…rather than doing


    And at the same time

    I hear and feel the screams!

    The angst of being in this moment is loud

    Its uncomfortable

    YUCK…its vulnerable

    Its unfamiliar!

    Its uncertain

    It might even be kind of scary 

    For. Many. Reasons.

    Money. Jobs. Work. Business. Clients. Customers. 

    Being. Locked. Up.

    People outside your home who need you…


    And yet, here we are

    In this moment


    Mandated to pause







    Sink into that for moment.


    What if this was a christening?

    A gateway for humanity

    To pause


    To tune in

    To feel into

    To dial into

    To notice

    To witness


    What it is to pause


    What is is to breath out fully

    And to be present

    What it is to breath in fully

    And to just be


    What if this was an invitation

    To wake up


    To a new way of being

    A new way of showing up

    A new way of connecting

    A new way of thinking

    A new way of consuming

    A new way of investing


    An invitation

    To reconnect with Nature

    And to connect with Nature’s wisdoms


    What if this was an invitation

    To humanity

    To come together

    To rise together

    To work together

    To hold hands

    To link arms

    To be open to uncertainty

    To be open to the possibilities


    To wake up.


    The time is now.

    Can you feel it?


    What if this was an invitation

    To live in gratitude for what

    We do have

    For what is


    What if this was an invitation

    To deepen into the earth’s wisdoms

    To deepen into our own inners wisdoms

    To deepen into God and universal wisdom


    To put humanity back into being human.


    It’s our turn now…

    To write the story

    To turn the page


    To wake up

    To rise

    To love 

    To be loved


    To show up

    To answer the invitation

    In the best way we know how

    The best way you know how


    We - ALL of us

    Are in this 


    One world

    One love


    What if this IS an invitation…


    What are you being invited to 

    Open up to




    Tune into



    Take action on

    Step into

    Learn about


    Connect with

    Pay attention to

    Expand into


    What’s your next step?


    xx Natalie Forstbauer

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